Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Oh Grandma

I will NEVER forget to cherish:

 - your calmness
 - your love of life
 - your love for Papa
 - your love for your children and grandchildren
 - your forgiveness
 - your love of and for God
 - your belief in salvation
 - your kindness
 - your open heart and mind
 - your ability to accept...even the things you don't agree with
 - your beautiful voice.  i have to agree with Kendra - it's like a lullaby
 - christmas eve's singing carols while you and aunt mim played piano
 - playing canasta and dominos in your camper
 - you having us over for sleepovers
 - watching "golden girls" with you
 - you picking me up at school after i split my chin open in 1st grade.  you took care of me for hours.
 - spending afternoons at your house
 - your tapioca
 - your mac n cheese
 - your cottage cheese loaf
 - your love of friends
 - your prayer list
 - your commitment to the seventh day
 - your routine
 - the advent calendar you did
 - your positive words
 - your mom - she used to give us the best candy!
 - the son you molded into my dad
 - the uncle you gave me
 - the way you took care of papa
 - playing with the neighbors cats in miami.  you taught me "here kitty, kitty, kitty".
 - "tinkle, tinkle little star"
 - the fun times we had in west virginia
 - the scarves you used to wear with your hat to keep the mosquitos away
 - your "soup de-licious"!
 - the special blankets we had at your house
 - 5 little monkeys
 - the old lady with big ears that you measured on the stairs
 - your hugs
 - the way you have such a positive influence on so many people
 - your patience
 - the sound of you clearing your throat (family will agree).  i always loved the aahhmmm...
 - the prayer box you gave me at my baptism.  25 years later i still pull a card out and read one every day.
 - our walks to that park in miami
 - the beach we went to in palm city
 - the way i feel in your presence - safe and loved
 - the christmas decorations you gave to me last year.  my favorite is, and always has been, that little man that slowly falls down the chimney.  the huge pine cones you and papa found too.
 - your love for the outdoors
 - the little dance you do with kate
 - the way you shake your hips when your animated
 - the way you roll your eyes at dad and uncle jack
 - your organization
 - your stubbornness!
 - your ability to be so strong - even when life isn't kind
 - your belief that you are going to meet us all in Heaven

I'm sure I will add more, but for now I need to go play with Nick!  I love you Grandma!!


. said...

awe Holly, so sorry to hear. praying for you and your family.

Ken said...

Holly, I appreciate so much your beautiful post. Mom is special. I'm so blessed to have such a great family.